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The MossStone: The Living Rock Companion

The MossStone: The Living Rock Companion

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Meet The MossStone, a synthesis of art and nature, and a silent eco-champion in your space. This unique rock, crafted meticulously from high-quality polymer, seamlessly marries aesthetics with nature's genius. Adorned with vibrant LIVE Rock Cap (Dicranum) Moss, every MossStone doesn't just captivate with its beauty but also boasts the oxygen-producing capacity akin to a 6-8ft tree. Given that moss is non-vascular, drinking through its leaves, it offers 100% leaf surface, turning it into a robust oxygen generator. Simple in its care, it requires just a daily misting and a brief drying period every other month. With The MossStone, experience the magic of nature's design and benefit from its eco-credentials. Embrace this green marvel and elevate your indoor environment.

Approximately 4-6" in Length

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