Team Building Workshops

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind team-building experience at Moss Acres, where creativity meets collaboration, and every individual effort contributes to a magnificent collective masterpiece.

Crafting Unity Through Nature

Our team-building workshops are designed to not only foster stronger bonds among colleagues but also to offer a unique opportunity to create something truly special for your office space. In our workshops, each participant will work on their individual 1x1 sq ft moss wall art piece. But there's a twist – these individual pieces are designed to fit together, forming a larger, cohesive moss wall installation.

  • The Moss Acres Difference

    • Individual Creativity, Collective Achievement: Each team member’s creativity will shine through their piece, while collectively contributing to a larger, stunning green wall.
    • A Lasting, Living Memory: Unlike conventional team-building activities, the end result is a living, breathing installation that graces your workspace.
    • Professional Installation Post-Workshop: After your team-building session, our experts at Moss Acres will schedule a time to professionally install this custom-made green wall at your office.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Embrace sustainability with moss art, which purifies air and adds a calming, natural element to your work environment.
  • Benefits for Your Team and Workspace

    • Boosts Morale and Workplace Aesthetics: Enhance the look and feel of your office with a piece of art that your team made together.
    • Promotes Team Engagement: Working on a shared goal in a relaxed, creative environment strengthens team dynamics and communication.
    • Encourages Eco-Consciousness: Engage your team in an activity that underscores the importance of sustainability and biophilic design in modern workspaces.
  • A Showpiece to Talk About

    Imagine having a stunning moss wall in your office that tells a story – a story of collaboration, creativity, and connection to nature. This isn't just another team-building exercise; it's an investment in your team's well-being and your office's aesthetic and environmental health.

    Join us at Moss Acres for a team-building experience that leaves a lasting impression, both on your team and your workspace. Contact us today to schedule your session and transform the way you see team building!

Available Packages

Green Harmony Package

  • For small teams (up to 12 people)
  • Result: A charming and compact moss wall piece, perfect for smaller office spaces or meeting rooms.
  • Ideal for intimate teams looking to add a touch of green to their workspace.


Verdant Synergy Package

  • For medium-sized teams (13-20 people)
  • Result: A larger, visually striking moss wall installation, bringing vibrant energy to your office environment.
  • Suited for medium-sized groups aiming to make a significant natural impact in their workspace.


Moss Masterpiece Package

  • For larger teams (21-30 people)
  • Result: An expansive, intricate moss wall, turning any corporate space into an eco-friendly, biophilic haven.
  • Perfect for larger teams dedicated to creating a substantial, breathtaking green statement.


Custom Eco-Innovation Package

  • For any team size
  • Result: A fully customized moss wall design, tailored to the specific needs and creativity of your team and office space.
  • This premium option is ideal for any group seeking a unique, bespoke biophilic design experience, with the flexibility to cater to specific themes, brand identities, or spatial requirements.

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