Welcome to Nature's Oasis

Step into a world where nature's embrace is immediate and profound. At Moss Acres Biophilic Design Studio, the air is imbued with the gentle allure of moss, and walls teem with verdant life, transporting you into a realm of deep nature affinity. Let moss be your muse as you explore our aesthetic sanctuary in the heart of Totowa, NJ.

Biophilic Design Studio

Revel in our curated designs where moss takes center stage. Each piece, from sprawling moss walls to intricate moss art, resonates with our commitment to beauty, sustainability, and design innovation.


Workshops for the Soul

Unwind, relax, and get creative. Book an evening of moss artistry accompanied by the gentle clinks of wine glasses. Create, sip, and learn in an environment that's as nurturing as nature itself.

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Interior Plantscaping with Moss

At Moss Acres, we're taking our love for moss a step further with specialized indoor plantscaping services. Embrace the beauty of indoor greenery, enhanced with the unique charm and ease of moss.


Nature Meets Design: Our Journey

At Moss Acres, we're more than just designers; we're visionaries who bridge the gap between the tranquil embrace of nature and the bustling spirit of the New York metropolitan landscape. Founded on the belief that our surroundings deeply influence our well-being, we've made it our mission to infuse urban spaces with the verdant touch of the wild.

As a full-service biophilic design studio, our expertise spans from conceptualization to seamless installation. Whether it's an office space craving nature's touch or a home seeking a rejuvenating mossy corner, our team crafts environments that are not only aesthetically mesmerizing but also soul-soothing.

But our connection with nature doesn't stop at design. We're passionate educators and community builders. Our studio doors are always open for workshops, inviting curious minds to immerse themselves in the world of biophilic design. Through hands-on experiences, we offer a journey of discovery, creativity, and a deeper appreciation for the intricate wonders of nature.

Serving the New York metro area and beyond, Moss Acres is your partner in creating spaces that breathe, thrive, and inspire. Join us, and let's co-create a world where nature and architecture exist in harmonious rhythm.