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Transform Your Space with Nature: Expert Moss Wall Installations. Over 20 years Experience. Green wall installation New Jersey / New York area.

At Moss Acres, our Biophilic Design Studios' purpose is to reconnect people with nature by bringing the outdoors in. Through biophilic design, our Moss Walls and Moss Art Installations are a great way to bring green to your space.

In 2011, Moss Acres pioneered the moss wall industry with our first live moss wall and since then our biophilic design studio has created over 1000 realizations.

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Located at 785 Totowa Rd, Totowa NJ, and just 15 minutes from NYC, our Biophilic Design Studio & Showroom is a haven for those passionate about integrating nature into their spaces. Here, we showcase a diverse array of moss walls and biophilic elements, complemented by our professional installation services, tailored to your unique requirements. Catering to the NYC Metro, Washington DC Metro, and Philadelphia Metro areas, we're here to transform your indoor environments. Whether you choose to visit us or prefer we come to you for a more convenient consultation, just drop us a line and we'll arrange it. Experience firsthand how we can infuse your space with natural elegance.

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Using Moss Acres Biophilic Design Studio as your trusted full-service design and installation team will guarantee you the best quality and at the best prices.

Our biophilic moss walls are designed to maintain their form, texture, and color for many years with minimal maintenance. In fact, we estimate a lifespan of 5-10 years when all care guidelines are followed. As a testament to the quality of our walls, we offer a 3-year guarantee. Experience the beauty and benefits of a moss wall for years to come with Moss Acres

Our Process

Ready to transform your space into a natural sanctuary? At Moss Acres Biophilic Design Studio, we specialize in bringing the serenity and beauty of nature indoors. From custom moss walls to intricate nature-inspired art pieces, we offer a range of services tailored to your aesthetic and functional needs. Reach out to us today to embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your interiors and enrich your well-being.

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What's Biophilic Design, You Ask? 🌱

Imagine if mossy forest floors, sunlit meadows, and chic modern rooms decided to have a party together—that's biophilic design! We’re all about weaving the lush charm of moss, the sparkle of natural streams, and the melodies of chirping birds into your everyday spaces. It's not just about letting the green tendrils of moss stretch across your walls; it's about capturing the entire essence of the great outdoors and nestling it snugly indoors. So, the next time you feel that uplifting serenity in a room, remember: it’s a blend of nature’s best, with moss proudly leading the parade!


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Biophilic design approach that seamlessly integrates natural elements into the built environment

By infusing spaces with elements like live plants, natural lighting, and organic materials, our biophilic design approach enhances well-being and fosters a deeper connection between humans and nature

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly design solutions

Our sustainable and environmentally-friendly design solutions not only minimize your carbon footprint but also contribute to the health and well-being of both the planet and its inhabitants

Holistic approach to design that promotes health and well-being for both people and the planet

By harmonizing aesthetics, functionality, and ecological responsibility, our holistic approach to design creates spaces that nourish the soul, invigorate the mind, and tread lightly on Earth's resources