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Hand Made Kokedama's

Hand Made Kokedama's

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Kokedama: also known as Japanese Moss Balls, offer a unique presentation style to decorate any room. These plants will capture the eye whether displayed on a table, or hanging from a wall. Our collection make great gifts for friends and family near and far. We hope you enjoy!  

Sizing and coloration per plant will vary. Supply subject to availability and season.        

Saucers: Choose with or without Terra Cotta Saucer.  We do not recommend that kokedama sit directly on a surface as it will cause damage from the water and moss. It needs to be placed on a plate, saucer or within a bowl.  

Care instruction: A care instruction card will be sent with each kokedama. 
= Submerge 3/4th of the kokedama ball in water once a for 10 -15 minutes, or when ball feels dry and light 
Gently squeeze out excess water  
Place back on the saucer or strings  
Enjoy!   See ""Koke Care"" HERE

Pick Up / Shipping: includes plastic wrap and bow around moss ball and tissue paper within the box.  Please note that the moss ball will need to be unwrapped from the plastic immediately  

Dimensions: All plants will vary in dimensions since they are live plants. Most will be between 8 inches and 24 inches in height and 6 inches and 12 inches wide. Additionally, with the mini's, plants shipped may not be the plants noted in the picture.

Returns:  All sales are final

Some plants can be toxic. Please research the plant before purchasing. Moss Acres cannot be held liable.  

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