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DIY Moss Bath Mat Kit: Transform Your Bathroom

DIY Moss Bath Mat Kit: Transform Your Bathroom

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Step into a natural sanctuary with our DIY Moss Bath Mat Kit. Crafted for those who cherish the biophilic elements of nature, this kit transforms your bathroom into a serene, green oasis. It includes a waterproof tray, a water retention mat, and a blend of cushion moss, rock cap moss, and sheet moss, creating a living, breathing piece of nature right under your feet.

Assembling this beautiful bath mat is a breeze and takes just minutes. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this moss mat offers grounding and tranquility, connecting you to the earth's energy and promoting a sense of well-being every time you step onto it. While it basks in indirect natural light, remember to give it a daily mist to maintain its lushness and vitality.

Embrace the benefits of biophilic design with this unique, living bath mat. It's more than a functional item; it's an experience, elevating your daily routine and bringing the calming essence of nature into your home.

Dimension 26x18"

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