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Autumn Embrace Moss Bowl Centerpiece

Autumn Embrace Moss Bowl Centerpiece

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Introducing the "Autumn Embrace Moss Bowl Centerpiece" – where timeless elegance meets seasonal charm. Nestled within a robust 20"L x 9"W solid wood bowl is a lush bed of natural moss, setting the stage for a festive tableau of mini pumpkins, pine cones, and berry-adorned branches. This centerpiece effortlessly captures the essence of fall, bringing a burst of nature's beauty to your table.

Not just limited to autumnal allure, this versatile centerpeice can be easily adapted for other seasons. With additional décor items sold separately, you have the freedom to refresh its look as the seasons change. Each package comes complete with everything you see, ensuring a swift and simple assembly in just minutes. Whether it's a family dinner or a festive gathering, the Autumn Embrace Moss Bowl Centerpiece promises to be the talking point of your event, making every occasion a bit more special.

Everything you see is included in the box and can be assembled in just a few fun minutes!

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